Hine Moana - Sailing and Kayaking Adventurous Journey

From NZD $1,575.00
  • Duration: 3 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Auckland
  • Product code: SAK OP

The Hine Moana Programme provides young women with an enriching experience aimed at fostering self-assurance, enhancing communication abilities, and cultivating enduring friendships within a nurturing environment.

Participants will emerge from the programme empowered, equipped with newfound self-respect, and a heightened appreciation for Kaitiakitanga.

Our exclusive youth development venture - Hine Moana - spans five immersive days of sailing and kayaking, tailored specifically for females aged 13-18 seeking to bolster their confidence in outdoor pursuits. We prioritize the engagement of female kayak guides and skippers to serve as inspiring mentors throughout the programme.

During the excursion, two nights are spent aboard the esteemed maxi yachts - either Lion New Zealand or Steinlager 2. Here, each individual is afforded the opportunity to learn the ropes of sailing, contribute to meal preparations, and experience life onboard. Through a structured watch rotation system, participants gain insights into various facets of sailing, including weather analysis, navigational planning, and collaborative teamwork. Additionally, shoreline clean-ups, raft building exercises, and problem-solving activities are integrated to foster skill development and personal growth.

The remaining two nights are dedicated to water-based activities with Auckland Sea Kayaks, where students undergo comprehensive training in kayaking techniques and wilderness camping protocols within a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Under the guidance of seasoned female instructors, participants take turns leading and following their peers, honing their map-reading skills and adhering to Leave No Trace principles. Moreover, discussions on the applicability of the seven principles to both their immediate surroundings and daily lives enrich the learning experience.

Our primary objective is to challenge conventional perceptions surrounding young women's participation in outdoor pursuits while reinforcing their practical learning experiences on the water. Participants have the opportunity to engage with accomplished female role models, exchange insights, explore potential career pathways within the outdoor industry, and internalize the belief that with determination, all aspirations are attainable. Notably, we are privileged to count Bianca Cook, ambassador for The NZ Sailing Trust and former international competitor in The Ocean Race, among our esteemed supporters. Additionally, we anticipate the presence of Lynn Paterson, renowned for her kayak circumnavigation of New Zealand, who will join us for a portion of the kayak expedition.

Students are welcome to book this journey even if they are not doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

Full kayak and sailing specific training is done before the journey starts. There will be an online meeting on specified date prior to departure that must be attended by all participants.